What is the process to apply?

            To apply for an internship at MyCampusPost, refer to the following procedure:-

            ·         Go to https://careers.mycampuspost.com/

            ·         Select the field of an internship as per your preference – Marketing, Content, Graphics, and Videography and click on ‘APPLY NOW’.

            ·         Complete your orientation by watching the videos and answering the questions in order to know about our organization and understand our mission and strategy.

            ·         You are required to start your first task right after you click on ‘GET STARTED’ and submit it within 24 hours to successfully receive your offer letter.

            ·         After submission of your first task, all other tasks unlock themselves, which you are required to complete within the given deadline.

            Updated: 11 May 2018 02:36 AM
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